How Our Delivery Platform Works

1- Target Your Buyers

Our EDR Platform begins with targeting your buyers who are the right level executives, in the right industries, in the right size companies in the right locations around the world. Our database is curated real time and cross-referenced against the public domain which we call Real Time Social Data. This helps us build the most accurate database available on the market.

2- Peer-to-Peer Model

We also execute your campaigns on behalf of your senior executive to facilitate a unique Peer-to-Peer communication model. Our experience and testing has shown our Executive Direct Response model to be over 400% more effective than campaigns typically blasted out by sales or marketing.

3- Engaging Executives

Our local professional writers then work closely with our clients to develop campaign messages that tell your inspiring story using our 5-Psychological Triggers model that ultimately gets an executive’s attention. Our team has worked with some of the largest brands in the world so our messages are always professional, courteous and respectful.

4- Deliver Managed Campaign

Lastly we deliver our Executive Direct Response campaigns across our proprietary email and LinkedIn technology platforms to deliver you a predictable new pipeline of executive leads.

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They saw obvious flaws in our LinkedIn lead generation funnel that weren't so obvious to us.  Ultimately resulting in a 243% increase in our opt-ins to our landing page.  They were originally hired for lead gen, but has become a great deal more than that, essentially becoming an integral part of our marketing efforts.  Looking forward to the continued relationship!

Jerry Fadden CEO
Avitas Technologies
Ben ReedCMO
Sourcewater Inc.

We have a Partner Locator application on the Salesforce App Exchange.  We hired LCGI to handle our lead generation.  We are averaging 8-11 demos with new decision makers (420% increase) on a monthly basis. They've been a huge part of our success.

I used what I learned from the Accelerator and took our campaigns from 1,000 leads per month to 15,000 leads per month using the new LinkedIn lead generation ads. Highly recommend Michael and his team.

Les BurgessDigital Product Manager
Wells Fargo
Corey BradleyGlobal Internal Audit Director

We used Michael to create the campaign to attract high level founders and entrepreneurs to an expensive year-long intensive program. In less than 2 weeks, we sold our first lead from the program. Michael’s Linkedin strategy -> 1hr sales call -> registration. Michael’s work paid for itself more than 4 times over in 2 weeks. I am now designing him into our permanent marketing program and he's allowing us to scale with multiple simultaneous lead programs. Next time you hear someone say that you can't monetize LinkedIn traffic, laugh in their face.

Working with Michael and Linked Conversions has been an incredible pleasure. Everyone on their team has led me step-by-step, helping me to improve my sales and marketing strategy on LinkedIn and even beyond. So far, we’ve generated over $325,000 in new business as a results of his strategies. One client sent my profile and message to his entire sales team stating 'this is how you contact people on LinkedIn'. Needless to say I'm a firm believer in the entire process offered by Michael and Linked Conversions.

Bobby Thompson
Sales Director
Revo Labs
Corey BradleySenior Business Analyst

Michael is an extraordinary growth marketing consultant and strategist. I got phenomenal results working with him. There's nobody better to work with if you're trying to generate consistent results with LinkedIn. And he's a stellar person on top of it!

Michael is a genius when it comes to growth hacking. He knows how to explain in simple terms how to interpret the marketing data and shows it to you in a very easy to understand way. Just a great guy to work with all around!

Delbert Preston
VP Sales & Marketing
Todd WorleyChannel Sales,
North America

Michael is an extraordinary growth marketing consultant and strategist. I got phenomenal results working with him. There's nobody better to work with if you're trying to generate consistent results with LinkedIn. And he's a stellar person on top of it!

I landed my first $50k client for my consulting business using the strategy taught in the Accelerator Package. Highly recommend Michael!

Roberto Gilbert
Director, International Communications
Pearson Education
Clement RutherfordRegional Vice President 
International Trucks, LLC

I enrolled in Michael’s Accelerator 5 months ago and started but didn't follow through until just recently. Well... I wish I had been doing what he teaches all along because, in a very short time the response and results it has generated is so powerful. This week alone, one simple strategy has generated 28 very targeted leads for me. It's a work in progress but I can't say enough about the effectiveness his program [LInked Conversions Accelerator]. Thanks, Michael!

With their guidance and instruction I was able to triple our LinkedIn ad spend [profitably] for a campaign we didn’t think had any more growth left.

Mitch Wright
Lead Principal Consultant
German FullerDirector of Operations
Daimler Trucks, N.A.

For all of you that are "considering" joining the Linked Conversions Accelerator, let me just give you two words, DON'T WAIT! Our organization  was in need of scaling to the next level with 8-figure contracts. I thought I knew a lot about LinkedIn and how to access high level decision makers and I didn't really need someone like Michael and his team to help me.