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The Essentialist Guide To
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For experts who sell big ticket products, services and programs:

What if:

… Creating Facebook ads was fast and easy?

… And you didn’t need to be all analytical and organized?

… And you could do it without setting up any of that complicated software?

… And you didn’t hafta hire a web guy, a designer, a video crew, a copywriter and a shrink?

… And the ads actually worked?

… And you weren’t worried about getting your account shut down?

… And you could scale quickly and kick ample ass?

Great news: you can. I know ’cause I’ve done it. But it wasn’t easy. Especially in the beginning.

Man was it overwhelming:

You got all the gurus talkin’ ’bout Power Editor this, pixel that, Leadpages, ClickFunnels, custom audiences… oh my!

It’s enough to give a homie a headache. Amiright?

But one day, after months of struggle, too many botched campaigns to count and at least seven ibuprofen, I was like, “Screw it. I’m gonna do this my way.”

I ignored all the best practices and took a “less but better” approach. (Greg McKeown. Essentialism. Read it.)

I didn’t create multiple ad sets. Or duplicate the ad 15 times to separate interests, countries and devices. Or test different images.

No lookalike audience. No automated webinar. No lead magnet. No tripwire. No fancy pants funnel.

I simply put all my energy into coming up with a winning ad concept. And once I had my hook, I pushed all my chips into the middle.

No testing, tweaking or taking it slow.

When you’ve got a great program and you’re anxious to scale and you’re being told to “inch the winners up by no more than 15% per day,” it’s like, “Dude. At this rate, I’ll be in a wheelchair before I do big numbers.”

And besides, it’s not like I was getting anywhere running FB ads “the right way.”

So why not gamble a lil’ and try the complete opposite?

I didn’t care about getting my lead cost down another $0.75–I just wanted more clients.

(When a single sale is worth thousands, if not tens of thousands, you can pay a premium for leads and still be profitable. Right? If you’re not currently doing this, read No B.S. Marketing To The Affluent by Dan Kennedy.)

Anyways, guess what:

It worked. My “anti-ad” ran untouched for nearly three months, generating hundreds of new high-end sales.

As a result, my net income tripled.

More importantly, it gave me permission to do things my way. I went from hating Facebook ads to loving ’em because I got rid of all the technical, time-consuming nonsense everyone else was saying you had to do.

Here’s why I’m telling you all this:

If you’re like me–if you demand fast, not slow; less, not more; control, not chaos; lifestyle, not laptop–I know I can help.

Look, I hired top Facebook ad agencies, out of desperation, back when I was convinced this stuff was way over my head. You know what I got? A big bill, lots of homework, and even more lag time. (No thanks.)

Then I bought all the best courses on Facebook advertising. And they were solid. And I was excited by all the flashy techniques I was learning.

And in theory, their blueprints were brilliant. So I’d follow ’em. But after hours of monotonous implementation (turns out, doing things “the right way” is a LOT of work!) you know what I was left with? Dozens of piss-poor ads that were running slow as molasses in January.

That’s when I reached my breaking point I was telling you about earlier.

I knew the agency route wasn’t gonna work. It was too expensive, too tedious and I felt like there was always a bigger client who was more important than me.

I also knew conventional wisdom, for whatever reason, never did me any favors.

I had no other choice. I needed to master Facebook marketing myself and since nothing else worked, it was time to flip the script. Zig when they zag, ya know?

So. Back to you. If you’re at a similar crossroads:

… Where you know Facebook is the fastest way to scale…

… And you’ve tried just about everything…

… But outsourcing only left ya bitter and broke…

… And doing it yourself makes you wanna run head-first into a brick wall…

… And the only one winning seems to be Uncle Visa?

Maybe it’s time for a new approach. Perhaps mine. Tell ya what: I bet you an email I can get ya unstuck.

Wanna take me up on it?

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