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"How to Attract, Close & Retain 15-20 Highly Qualified Leads  on LinkedIn Every Single Month In Just 20 Minutes Per Day" 

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This question is a personal one. Your next step depends 100% on your current situation and what your goals are. The good news? You have two great options to choose from.  
Either learn these systems and get the leads yourself... or cut out the work and just have our team deliver the leads straight to your inbox or CRM.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Look forward to the continued relationship"

"Linked Conversions was originally hired for lead gen, but have become a great deal more than that; essentially becoming an integral part of our marketing efforts.  Looking forward to the continued relationship!"

Jerry Fadden, CEO  //  Avitas Technologies

"The years of experience was tacit beneath everything they said."

"Michael and his team provided us with a system that's produces 10-20 leads and partnership opps. per month without any paid advertising budget or sales funnel required on our part.  So far, we are seeing a 90% show up rate and a close rate that is above 40%.  The years of experience was tacit beneath everything they said."

Dmitry Koslov, CEO  //  Strimm TV

"4,914 article views in 24 hours"

"We're generating over 10,415 article views for our content and we're not retargeting this hyper targeted audience.  We're now building trust & authority before the sale, which bumped up our close rates by 18%.  We got 4,914 article views in 24 hours!

Jen Long, Founder & Master Trainer  //  Management Possible

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Learn The Exact Strategies That Produce Targeted Sales Opportunities Every Single Day...

Learn The Step by Step Process To Access Key Decision Makers at Fortune 500 Companies...

Learn How To Create Viral Posts That Make Your Prospects Call You...

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